MSC common question

NO.1 What is MSC Token ?
MPS Foundation is the world's largest media distributor for sports events now. It issues MSC tokens, establishes the public chain MSCChain based on P2P streaming media technology, and utilizes MSCChain to develop the MPS global copyright trading platform for new.
NO.2 What wallets to support?
Stander ETH wallet will support MSC coin.
NO.3 What is the MPS project advantages?
High-concurrency processing capability of streaming media
MPS uses distributed streaming media data storage method and the P2P network to ensure efficient streaming data transmission.
Openness and transparency of transaction materials
MPS's decentralized underlying accounting system , Combining open transaction records and multi-layer signature control solutions for sensitive materials, MPS makes transaction materials transparent and available for query by parties to the transactions, ensuring fairness of the platform .
Compatible with various existing corporate IT systems
As most companies have their self-built business systems or APP terminals, MPS must consider the actual business scenarios and define the UI standard and interaction agreement when designing the MPS platform, to make it compatible with the existing systems of the customers to the maximum extent and reduce customer migration costs and technical risks.
High security
As copyright transaction is involved, there are strict requirements on security and compliance of the MPS materials. By virtue of years of experience in the sports copyright industry, the project team has conducted comprehensive design and planning over the security system. Supported by the asymmetric encryption mechanism of the block-chain technologies, distributed material accounting, smart agreement, anti-tampering and other features, the high material security design, integrated with business management specifications and technical solutions, and featuring separated R&D and production, has come into being.
Good scalability
In order to ensure that the MPS platform can always comply with the latest business application requirements during the development process, the development team, in the early stage of system design, has raised high scalability requirements on the MPS system. With hierarchical encapsulation and decapsulation features of functional modules, as well as wide application of intermediary software, the system is highly flexible and scalable.
NO.4 When will Msc Token go to the exchange?
Hello ( Hi ), please pay attention to the official website and telegram group to learn about the more information.
NO.5 What wallets to support?
Stander ETH wallet will support MSC coin.

privacy and security

NO.1 Where is KYC certified?
Hello ( Hi ) , you can register KYC on the official website , follow the system page prompts for certification.
NO.2 what information is require for KYC certificated ?
you need to supply your verify ID , except Chinese and US ID , please follow system page prompts fill in your information
NO.3 What is KYC?
It is an identity verification process. When verification is finished, you can check your verification information after login.
NO.4 To avoid fraud, please take the following precautions:
1.Please don’t sent your wallet address to anyone
2.Make sure your account information is secured, no one else should know it.
3.Please don’t login illegal or unknown website to secure your account.

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